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Laying Sod

Convenient Sod Delivery and Pickup

When you arrange a sod delivery with us, we will handle everything, including cutting the sod from out of the ground, putting it on pallets, delivering it to your site, and installing it on the spot. We typically deliver 20 pallets at a time; however, depending on the location of your site, we may only deliver 18 pallets. Each pallet measures 50 sq. yd. or 450 sq. ft.

If you choose to pick up the sod yourself, we will load it on your truck since a pallet of sod can weigh anywhere between 1,500 and 3,000 lbs.

Sod delivery and pickup will vary based on the weather.

Types of Grass

We grow two types of grass, Raleigh St. Augustine and Common Bermuda. Both are fast-growing and drought-resistant and have a coarse texture, making them perfect for both residential and commercial sites. Each grows to about 3 in.